What’s Davis Rockin To?

Music in this generation is a big part of teenagers lives. The most popular genres for kids in high school are indie/alternative, r&b and rap. Most high schoolers can’t get through high school without music. Teachers do limit the amount of music that students are allowed to listen to during free study which is many students opinion is kind of problematic.

“I have problems with focusing if there isn’t some type of music playing in the background, preferably Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar AKA, Cardi b.” Said Matt Allen Davis high Junior.

A lot of students at Davis High are getting there whole taste in music from “Tik Tok”. and its really quite sad. People are also stuck in one genre and not willing to branch out. which can be a problem when it come to starting a conversation. Lots of Davis students also dress to match their favorite music icon. For example,  kids who are more into indie/alternative are dressing like stylish hikers and homeless people with some money but no house. Its definitely a look since everyone is doing it.

When teachers were asked if music is effective during teaching most of them say yes.

“If music can help a student focus more and help them learn then by all means listen to music.” said Mrs. Frey an English teacher.

Music is a big part of growing up in high school and its a good way to get you through your school day If you are going to listen to music during school make sure you are listening to it during respectful times. Lots of students in high school like to listen to music while the teacher is in session and it is super cringe. It is the students choice what to learn so have fun listening to music on your own time, during free study or reading.