Is The Davis High Mountain Bike Team Right For You?


Grayson Sherman

Have you ever wanted to be on the Davis High Mountain Bike Team? (or DHSMTBT). Well Caleb Reed can tell you about his experience on the team, during his senior year.

Caleb says, “My favorite thing was bettering myself and conquering mountains”. When it comes to the mountain bike, I also have two years worth of experience on the team. I can agree with Caleb in what he says about bettering himself and conquering mountains.

When it comes to challenges, there are many on the team, whether it could be getting a long with team mates (like in any other sport), having to get used to the heavy cardio, to maybe even have a bike not as good as your competitors’. When it came to challenges, Caleb said “My biggest challenge was beating myself and improving, I had to tell myself in my mind I got this over and over again.

In the mountain bike team, there are many athletes who are very proud of their times and bikes. Many of the Davis students even placed high in the Utah State Finals. Caleb explained how he loved going out early on the weekends to ride with the team.

Many of the other players favorite part were the races on the weekends. All the schools from across the state would come together and bring feasts in their own tents. There were many different classes of races, and there was a race for everyone.

When asked if he would recommend to another student interested in the Mountain Bike Team, Caleb Reed said, “yes, I would recommend the Davis High Mountain Bike Team to any other student.”