Student Spotlight: Hailey Halliday


Jade Meyer

Hailey Halliday is a junior at Davis High and an inspiration to all those who get the pleasure of meeting her. Hailey is friendly to everyone, and makes everyone feel like they are one of her best friends.

Hailey is very involved in the choir department, being a member of the Acapella Choir this year.

“I joined choir for my passion to sing! I have been in choir for at lease 6 years and I’ve loved every second of it.” says Hailey on why she joined choir.

She recently participated in solo and ensemble which is a singing competition the choir students are able to participate in.

“I ended up moving to district! The piece that I am singing is “American Lullaby.” Although district is online this year, I am still very excited to be able to participate!” says Hailey on her participation in solo and ensemble.

There is not doubt in anyone’s mind that she will do amazing at district and blow the judges away with her voice of an angel.

Hailey’s current goals in choir are the make the Davis Madrigals next year and to increase her vocal range.

“I currently have a pretty low range but I would love to work on my higher soprano range” Hailey says.

“My biggest challenge is making sure to not strain my voice while trying to increase and work on my range” she says on her biggest challenges in accomplishing her goals.

“With lots of practice I’ll be able to hopefully overcome these challenges.” she says.

Hailey is working so hard, and it will all pay off when she accomplishes her goals.

“I love being able to develop my voice and being around people who also have similar passions. It’s such a fun class and you get to know so many people.” Hailey says about her favorite thing about choir.

Hailey will continue progressing in choir and spreading her positive attitude to all those around her.