How COVID-19 has changed school sports at Davis


LJ Haderlie

The global pandemic has shifted schools online, cancelled dances, and postponed almost all large celebrations. But how have school sports teams been affected?

Last year, when the first shutdown began, all in-person classes and school activities were cancelled until further notice. Athletes went from having practice every day to none at all. If athletes wanted to keep up their skills, they had to do so alone and at home.

But that was all last school year. In August of 2020, schools started back up again, and sports were back. Each school district handled things differently, taking varying degrees of caution in order to keep athletes safe and healthy.

Here at Davis High, our school administration has been rigorous in creating a safe environment for sports to continue. Before joining any sports team at Davis, students must sign and turn in the “COVID-19 Diagnostic Test Consent Form.”

By signing this document, athletes and parents give their consent to the school that allows them to administer COVID tests on all sports participants. These tests are taken by all sports participants every two weeks, as well as before each game.

In addition to testing athletes, tickets to Davis High football games have been limited to a set number of attendees. Tickets are distributed in a lottery-like manner, with attendees entering their names and student ID numbers in an online form.

An email is sent to students whose names were drawn at 12:30am before the game. While at the game itself, students are expected to stay six feet apart from others when possible and face masks are to be worn at all times.

These modifications to how we approach sports keep the health and safety of our athletes as a top priority. Above all else, Davis High is committed to the health and success of its students.