Bump-Set-Boys’ Volleyball

Bump-Set-Boys’ Volleyball

Cameron Piacente, Writer

What do bump, set, spike and brown, white, gold have in common? Davis Boys Volleyball.

Serves and spikes are in full swing as this boys’ volleyball season is entering its third week. The huge turnout has given rise to three teams, the Brown varsity, and the Gold and White Junior Varsity teams.

To gain insight into the dynamics of Davis’ teams, I interviewed Middle Blocker, and my teammate, John Scott, a Senior on the Gold Team.

“At the end of the day it’s just a lot of fun, and you have to rely on your team, unlike in other sports where you can carry your whole team. You need all six guys playing together,” John said when asked about what he enjoys about volleyball.

This is true. If our Davis Teams are going to have any chance of making a tournament run of the District Tournament, they are going to need to work together to set up attacks and score.

“We can set up attacks if we get a solid receive in, if we are willing to move our feet to the ball. . . [and] everyone on our team is willing to spike the ball,” John said of the Gold Team’s primary objective.

The affects of COVID-19 have not passed by the Davis Volleyball Teams. Just like in any other sport teams have had to learn how to adapt to the challenges caused by a worldwide pandemic.

“I think the biggest thing is practice days and being and to reserve a gym. It’s hard to get practice time, because boys’ volleyball doesn’t take precedence over the bigger sports like basketball,” said John of COVID-19’s impact on the Boy’s season.

Excitement is in the air as our boys crush volleyballs out of the air. All three teams have potential for success come tournament time, so don’t sleep on our Darts. You won’t want to miss this!