Pickle ball club takes the lead

Students have the time of their lives as they play pickleball.


Carson Rigby, Journalist


Pickleball club is a fun and exciting thing built up from the ground by Davis High students who wanted something exciting in 2019. Students, Lucas Monjar and Weston Catenzaro helped build this amazing club.

In 2018-19 some Davis High students thought of making a club where they could have fun with their friends and exercise as well. What started as a small friends activity led to other students eventually joining and playing with their peers.

“Really pickleball was just a fun sport for me and my friends to enjoy, we figured we play it enough with each other we might as well make a worthwhile club.” says Lucas Monjar, one of the cosigning pickle ball club leaders.

Pickleball, a game similar to tennis, picked up as more and more students learned how much fun they could have. After a year of playing and another year of covid-19, students are still playing pickleball as if it was created yesterday.

This year in 2021 pickleball still takes place often with small tournaments, while some train much more than others, overall it is an extracurricular in which many students don’t care about winning or losing but only to “hang with peers.”

“I never knew about pickleball but I always played ping pong, this seems like a game that would be great to play in the future.” Student says.

Many people hadn’t heard of pickleball until this club was created. As this student said they were able to feel like they knew how to play only from ping pong, or table tennis.

While some people have continued playing, others aren’t so sure and decide to take their leave.

“The game is so much fun but I can’t enjoy pickleball while the room is so full with random people.” Weston Catenzaro says.

Weston is a founder of pickle ball club and goes to show that not everyone is built for this kind of club. Pickleball club shows lots of students how they can join together and have fun. And perhaps in the future pickleball club will play against other schools.