Spring Fashion

Charlie Zaugg, writer

No more sweats and hoodies. Get out the shorts and t-shirts. Spring fashion is here. “Fashion in the spring is definitely my favorite kind of fashion,” says Luke Weston. Spring fashion has lots of possibilities for everyone.

“To me it is abandoning the drab heavier clothes and winter, and there is a rebirth in fashion and vibrancy in your wardrobe and life as well as spring comes just around the corner,” says Luke when asked about what inspires his spring fashion.

The spring brings warmth and heat which effects the fashion and clothes you wear. Now, it is acceptable to wear shorts and a t-shirts every day. And you can still wear pants and sweatshirts. So spring makes it a lot easier to put an outfit together.

“It’s quite a Beautiful time of year where you can dress warm and cold. It’s one of the mildest neutral seasons so I love it.” Says Luke. Spring is also good because you can introduce different colors into your outfits that match the season.

In the spring, you can introduce new colors like orange, red, and yellow into your wardrobe. This gives you more variety to pick from. And you can stand out more with the clothes you wear.

“I look the best in shorts because people look at my legs.” Luke said. Shorts are definitely the best thing that spring brings because it is hard to wear them in the winter.

You can dress warm and cold in the spring which is really cool. You don’t have to just dress warm which is what you have to do during the winter. You can choose depending on what you feel like or what you want to wear. If it is a warm day you can wear shorts and if it is cold you can wear pants.

Spring fashion is one of the best and most diverse times of fashion in the year.