Future politician tells all

Corran Cottrell posing for his Journalism 1 picture.

Corran Cottrell posing for his Journalism 1 picture.

Corran Cottrell is famously known at Davis High School for his political views. On any given day, you can expect Corran to be wearing some political shirt or hat. Many do not like this, but Cottrell does not care what you think about him. He recently told me his story. 

“Politics has such a huge impact on our society. Look at this past election. Biden v. Trump, red vs. blue, control of the Senate or not, etc. Politics is what runs our societies, so it interests me,” Corran stated to me when asked what excites him about politics. 

Cottrell looks at politics as something he aspires to participate in in the future. He plans on running for the city council first and then moving up the ladder to be a Senator. His end goal is to one day be the President of the United State of America. 

“It’s what I really like doing. I want to be in a job that I have a lot of fun in and that I can relate to. I also want to be in a career where I can make a difference. It’s a big motivator to me. It is different from any other private-sector job,” Cottrell said when quizzed on why he wants to make politics a career. 

Many peers and associates of Corran view him as eccentric and too out there. Corran has committed to himself to not listen to them as he continues to write his own story. He laughs at the criticism and finds humor in people laughing at his views. 

“I just look at people and laugh super hard because you have your views and I have mine. Just respect that I have an opinion and I choose to express mine,” Corran Cottrell declared when asked how he handles people’s criticisms. 

Maybe one day, we will be calling Corran President Cottrell. He hopes that as he continues to climb the political ladder, he continues to make a difference. He’s hoping to start small and impact the community of Kaysville and one day work up to impacting the world.