Has Covid-19 Affected Learning?

Has Covid-19 Affected Learning?

Grayson Sherman

Has Covid-19 really affected the social and learning aspects of High School students? Here at Davis High, there have been many restrictions put in place to ensure both students and faculty can both work and learn in a safe environment.

When it comes to restrictions, wearing a mask is mandatory, social distancing is mandatory, and the school has even gone as far as to enforce soft closures a few times (once enough cases in the school have been reached).

“The social aspect has been a little different, not being able to go to dances and things like that, and when it comes to the actual learning part, doing more online school has been harder to do, and the evidence is in my grades.” Marshall Brower, a student at Davis High, said when asked.

Many students couldn’t have said it any better. From student’s parents being paranoid about the virus, to kids completely switching to online, this school year has been little bit more than a mess.

With more and more precautions, executive orders pertaining to the virus, and people being personally affected by the virus, there are a lot of people wishing that the virus would be gone already.

When the virus first hit, students saw the closure as an opportunity to get away from schoolwork. Students, along with the rest of the world, are now hoping things would return back to normal.

There is some hope for the future of school life though, with many rumors about mask restrictions being lifted somewhere around April, the following school year could see things going back to how they were before the closures came. It’s a true shame that many students did not get a graduation ceremony in the 2019-2020 school year, but they can only hope the next graduating class get’s one.