Lacrosse team going for the state


Jade Meyer

The girls lacrosse is working hard to be able to make state and win it.

So far, there has been three games for the lacrosse team. Each game resulted in victory for the Davis High girl’s lacrosse team.

“Our biggest goal this season is to make state” says Samantha Oswald, a player on the lacrosse team.

If the season continues on the way that it has so far, then there will be no problem for the team to accomplish this goal.

“There are a lot of unexperienced people on the team, and that can be an obstacle at times” says Samantha on the obstacles in their path to state.

This is a big challenge that the lacrosse team will have to face, but luckily, the team has a good plan for teaching.

“We overcome that obstacle by learning from those who are more experienced and by practicing” says Samantha on the way that they will push through and reach their goal.

Working with inexperienced people can be frustrating at times, but the lacrosse team handles it well with a friendly and fun atmosphere.

“I chose to do lacrosse because it is a great opportunity to try something new and be involved” says Samantha on why she joined the lacrosse team.

Lacrosse is a fun environment for anyone who wants to get involved in a sport. It is very welcoming and rewarding.

“The most exciting thing about the lacrosse season has been getting to know all the wonderful people on the team!” says Samantha.

“Lacrosse is so much fun! And worth every bit of time that is put into it” says Samantha.

The Davis High lacrosse team is going to go for the gold and crush this season!

Good luck this season, lacrosse, you have our support. We believe in you and know that you can win state!