Will Davis have Prom this year??


After a long year of countless disappointments, Davis has announced that we will be having a prom dance! Students will be required to comply with several policies in order to make the dance as safe and Covid-friendly as possible.

Davis High students, especially seniors, have endured too many losses this year, and, overall, school morale has been at an all time low. This year, most school activities and extracurriculars have been canceled, access to sports games has been extremely limited, and we have had zero school dances. It’s also been difficult to make friends due to masks and quarantines.

Throughout all of this, students have desperately wished for a prom dance. Seniors have held out hope that they would be given the opportunity to end their last year of high school on a good note. That they could forget about the emotions and disappointments of this year by dancing the night away with their friends.

As cases have decreased and restrictions have started lightening up, Davis has officially made the decision to host prom. The event will be held on Friday, May 14th so start asking dates now! Tickets will be sold individually for $12. No couple tickets will be sold due to contact tracing efforts.

In order to ensure the safest experience possible, all students who plan on attending prom will have to be tested for Covid prior to the dance. As we get closer to the event, more information will be provided on this issue. Students will also be required to wear masks during the dance to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

As usual, prom will be a formal dance! Boys are encouraged to wear shirts with collars, ties, slacks, and sport coats. Girls may wear formal dresses or ball gowns. When you go shopping, keep in mind that formal attire must comply with the school’s dress code standards.

Unfortunately, because of Covid conditions, only Davis students will be admitted to the dance. While we love our neighboring high schools, students from other schools are not permitted to attend.

Davis High faculty and student body officers are working diligently to make this happen, so stay tuned for more info.

This is our first and only dance of the year, so you should seriously consider going! Whether you go with a date, by yourself, or with friends, make sure to have a fun and safe time!