Amazing club helps students learn French

French club teaches students more than normal

Amazing club helps students learn French

Carson Rigby, Writer

Every day the French club grows bigger as more students learn French and learn more about themselves and the language. Madame Clegg teaches excellently and hosts the club while showing students what it means to speak French at Davis High.

French club has been around for years and each year it only gets more interesting. Students learn French but find out there is much more as they begin going to French club.

The daily life of the French is exhibited through the French Club as Madame Clegg brings France to the States. Many students join for the amazing food and music they listen to while learning a brand-new language.

“I try to make it fun so everyone will know what France might be like.”

Says Madame Clegg.

After many years of perfecting the French club, students join with the idea that they will be successful. Student after student excels in French because they can experience France in the US.

While lots of people learn French, they may not find it as exciting as taking another class that would seem more interesting.

“I’ve just always been in French, I’ve seen tons of people take it, but French club is pretty cool rather than taking French in a normal boring way.”

Says Lucas Monjar.

Not only do they have small parties, they use different sources to learn French in a fun way.

“I bet I’ve learned more from singing songs in French than some types of study skills in a normal French class.”

Lucas Monjar states.

French club has helped countless students learn French in a more efficient and fun way. People look forward to the future as French is becoming more and more common.