The first week of Davis High boys tennis.


Ben Haggard, Writer

The week of March 14-20 was the first week of matches for the Davis High tennis team. The Davis tennis team played 3 matches and went 1-2.

The tennis team beat West 3 to 2 on Tuesday and lost to Olympus (Monday) and Bountiful (Thursday) both by a score of 1 to 4.

How a tennis match works is there are 5 varsity matches played. Each varsity match counts towards your team score, so winning 3 of the 5 varsity matches will get you an overall win.

The 5 varsity matches include 3 singles matches and 2 doubles matches. The best singles players on each team play each other and the best doubles teams play each other as well as second best singles against each other and so forth.

McKay Cook, one of the tennis players, he said. “We sucked the first match. Coach got after us and we came out and beat West. However, the day after the big win we lost again.” In response to a question about how the first week of tennis matches went.

The tennis team is getting better, and they are working hard to improve their game. McKay Cook said, “We have a lot of things to work on like, winners in singles and doubles strategy.” But undoubtedly, the tennis team is working hard in practice to become great behind the great leadership of head tennis coach Lexi Frey.

The tennis team practices hard every day to prepare for their matches, and as the defending region champs the Davis High tennis team has a large target on their backs. They will have some good competition for the Region 1 title this year, and they may have some potential for some state tournament victories.

The tennis team is off for spring break but they have a match the week after so you can catch some Davis boys tennis then.