Prom is On!

Prom is On!

Cameron Piacente, Writer


Dry your tears ladies, the big dance is on! Prom 2021 is happening at Davis High School!

To learn about the subject, I talked to SBO Winston Mi. First things first, the dance is on Friday, May 14th.  That leaves over a month to get your dates and tickets.

“With how tickets are working this year, you have to buy separate tickets, because we need to be able to track student IDs with COVID,” said Winston about securing your ticket.

Speaking of COVID, the school has been working to keep us safe so all we must worry about is having fun at the dance. The situation is constantly changing (what’s new), so this may not be the way things are done come May.

“We are going to get permission to have students, staff, and anyone else attending to take a COVID test the day before the dance,” said Winston about these precautions.

This is not welcome news to many, I’m sure, but take comfort in how well the COVID testing went when we had test to stay a few months previous. Just be smart and we’ll all be able to have a great time at the dance!

“Unless things change in the next bit we are going to be at Davis,” said Winston of the location for Prom.

The fact it will not be in an opulent arena or beautiful ballroom, I don’t think anyone will be complaining about. After all we have gone through in the past twelve months, just getting to dance is a blessing.

“We are planning on breaking the school into three groups based on dance types, there should be an area for swing and the normal dance,” said Winston of the current arrangements.

While many of us may not be good dancers (despite our own opinions) I am sure we are all glad to see something other than Tik Tok dances. This year has had its challenges, but we’re closing strong with Prom!