Lagoon: Send Animals to the Sanctuary


           Lagoon is currently being boycotted. Some may ask why? Others will reminisce on the horrible conditions on the Wild Kingdom Train ride. Many don’t even know about the zoo at lagoon. At the end of the day, it needs to be shut down.

            The conditions at the lagoon zoo are so poor that federal inspectors have documented more than 70 violations of the Animal Welfare Act at Lagoon. The lion has been seen to be pacing back and forth in their small enclosure. Which is a sign of distress.  Many of the other cats have small cages that don’t allow an adequate amount of room to play around.

            On March 21st protesters were greeted with animal feces in the normal protest spot. They claim that the family that owns lagoon will also turn on the sprinklers during the protest to try and deter the legal protesters

“I don’t understand why lagoon refuses to shut down this ride, no one even likes it. The train is slow and boring.” States Lily.

The ride open in 1967 and not a lot has been updated. This ride holds 60 live exotic animals that deserve freedom. Children are the more frequent riders and have been known to throw garbage and scream at the animals. There are also animal abuse by employee allegations, one being the train conductor deliberately blew hot steam into the face of a brown bear named Tippy, which resulted in second degree burns on the bears face.

            The USDA has repeatedly cited Lagoon for failure to comply with the federal Animal Welfare Act. Recurrent problems found by inspectors included filthy enclosures, inadequately trained employees, failure to provide sick and dying animals with veterinary care, and repeat animal deaths.

            All over social media I have seen many people that are passionate in the closure of this ride. @utahanimalrights has a petition that you can go sign if you stand by me and the others wanting the animals to be free, go sign!