The first time going to CALIFORNIA WHOA!


Matt Rindi, writer

Man having the chance to be able to go to California was pretty epic! I went to so many places we stopped in Saint George that was my first time actually seeing saint George! I love the Palm trees. In fact that’s the first time I’ve ever saw those types of trees before. We went into Arizona that was pretty cool actually! just like the change in weather was so nice! Because I’ve not seen such beautiful sky’s in a while because of the weather in Utah.

But I was able to see Las Vegas my First time as well a lot of cool things especially the rides man! It’s so amazing to see so many things that you’ve never seen anything like. That just so sick that I had that Amazing opportunity to spend 10 nice awesome days in California Oceanside whoop whoop! But then we saw so many sick cars I’ve never seen so many corvettes in Las Vegas wow. After that we were driving into the California and there were so many Beach houses and What I didn’t know is that San Francisco has the highest more shark sightings then in Oceanside. When I first got out of the Car haha that smell was probably the worst…well at first haha.

When we got out Of course we needed to get everything out and into the Condo that we were staying in haha. But as soon as I came in the door I was in Awe. everything was so cool and the funny part was the whole Condo smelled like Chlorine. But the kitchen was awesome it had a big island the fridge was funny looking it didn’t look like a fridge it looked like a shelve. There was a cool front balcony  of the Ocean. If I haven’t explain this Yet, but I love the ocean it’s probably the best place to help me be in peace and calm.

I’ve loved the ocean for as long as I can remember ! just the sound of the water crashing and just seeing how beautiful the sunset shows off of the ocean. but the sunsets there are so Amazing! And at night this was the place  to go and  explore everything is pretty close to do things there’s lots of bars close to each other. The first day we went into the Ocean with wet suits because it’s cold. I walked right into the ocean and my feet were kind of freezing but, then after that my first time was awesome…until I got wiped out haha.

So I really didn’t like the Ocean mainly because first of the smell. Being there for a while you don’t even smell the smell of the ocean anymore it just no scent of the water which was nice. Boogey boarding for the first time was Epic! I in fact really enjoyed this so much mainly because you can wait for some big waves and ride on top and then down it’s  wicked! They also had a skim board, if you don’t know what that is it’s so awesome in away it’s a kind of like surfing except on the smaller waves that when the water comes into the shore. You can do some small and the smaller water that just comes in. After we got out those waves get up Pretty high and around night they sometimes get over the rocks kind of not a lot but some.

So after we did that We went to San Diego To go see the ship Midway the Museum of midway First of all Whoa and Second this ship was MASSIVE ! not kidding just walking into the hanger was Sick so much nicer museum in away. The only thing that was a tiresome was this Museum takes literally 3 hours to finish everything! But were learned some cool things from the retired navy But amazing how they were able to suck in water from the ocean make it into steam and then make it make into water so Awesome!. There was a spot where they dropped things down and 40 feet down just wow! standing above it on the glass kind of frightened me but so awesome though. One time we saw some manikin and I actually really thought that they were real people but not but still pretty awesome.

This Ship uses so much more gas then any Car Just imagine what that payment would be if we used that much of gas for our cars we would need to get payed a lot for sure. They said they would spend  about 1.million for gas for this ship. After that we went to go for food and I got nacho’s right. But there was no salsa with my nachos I had a tater tot nachos with steak and cheese sour cream no lettuce but that was okay though  it still was great! Then we went to another beach the next day it was called Le jolla beach In San Diego So interesting this place was more to just walk through the waves because the waves crashed to quick they also were pretty big so we didn’t really swim so haha.

But besides that we were able to see Some Sea Lions And they smell soo bad actually like just even being high up you still can smell their scent from even far away they just smell that bad not joking. The Sand there though was great For making Sand castles!  But this other beach Called Moon light beach it’s pretty awesome this place we tried to surf haha and when we did it’s just not a great thing for me to do. Also we sucked because of us not anymore experience other then just one day to figure it out! So I’m not giving up because i still want to learn how to surf just.. not yet.

WE THEN WENT TO THE BIGGEST ZOO IN THE WORD! Well I think it’s the biggest in the world The San Diego everything there was so big, like it’s unbelievable that what you heard and saw. The birds are so funny they had like a man yelling not kidding it’s great the monkey’s were pretty hilarious all the animals were so cool but I mean just all of the Animals  were pretty much showing off as usual. Our last Day we were able to go whale watching and maybe some Dolphins.  When we got onto the boat it’s pretty cool not gonna lie about that. Just being an a type of boat like that so fancy and nice in away. But Whale watching is really hard to find them. other then the Dolphins there were like supposedly only three whales two adults and a baby whale. But then we watched the Dolphins there were so many dolphins there was literally so many dolphins swimming right by the boat.

We loved to get Ice Cream all the time in the week. But there Ice cream was pretty great SOOO I mean this is pretty nice. But before we got home we went to this really cool ice Cream place called the beaver country creamery so Sick. but this vacation for Spring break was awesome.