March Madness: The Finals


Gabe Stephenson, Writer

March madness has been nothing short of crazy this year. Upset after upset has destroyed peoples’ brackets. Lower seeds like UCLA have made their way to final spots. The championship game takes place tonight the 5th of April, where Gonzaga is taking on Baylor after a well-fought run.

One of the most memorable games of march madness history took place the other night when 11 seed UCLA took on 1 seed Gonzaga into an overtime buzzer beater. The entire game was back and forth with both teams playing some of the best basketball that we have seen this year. Everyone thought the game would go into a second overtime to continue the suspense, but all hope was lost when Suggs lobbed a near half-court shot to bank in with no time left to win the game for Gonzaga 93 to 90.

The Baylor and Houston game was nothing compared to UCLA and Gonzaga. Baylor had an early lead and maintained it the entire game to finish with a 19 point victory sending them to the finals without a sweat. UCLA defeated a number one seed Michigan in the elite eight to earn their spot in final four.

Gonzaga heads into the championship with an undefeated record and if they win tonight, they’ll be the first ones since the 60s. Gonzaga has never won the tournament and this might be the year for them. It certainly won’t be easy, especially heading up against another 1-seed Baylor.

A large percentage of brackets have placed these two in their final match up but its a 50/50 split on who people think will take the title this year. I expect a lot of eyes on the game tonight with such an audience that we have had this year. This year has been like nothing ever seen before, not just because of the pandemic, but because of the amount of energy and interest that has rolled over from last year.