Dateless Davis #2 pandemic boogaloo

Dateless Davis #2 pandemic boogaloo

Corran Cottrell

The Covid-19 pandemic of last year is still affecting dating tremendously at Davis High with the already declining dating rate plummeting lower than ever before leads us to ask: “Why don’t people date anymore?”

Davis has never been known to be a real “dating” school with other articles written about “Dateless Davis” aptly named because of the low amount of dating that is happening within the school.

The Covid-19 pandemic however has made that even worse adding on to the multitude of reasons and sometimes excuses for students not to date.

“Many people won’t go out because they are scared of Covid-19” explained a student.

Many students at Davis high share these sentiments and decide for their safety that they won’t go on any dates, however others see this as just another excuse.

“Not going dating because of Covid-19 is just a wimpy excuse” another student passionately claimed.

With the vaccine out and proper Covid-19 safety restriction’s widespread this student might just be right. Maybe there is a deeper reason for “Dateless Davis”; after all the low amount of dates is not new.

Davis has always had a low dating rate when compared to other high schools. There are many other reasons for students not to date.

“It’s just feminism and false MeToo accusations that make me not want to date” Expressed another student.

These days with the rise of the MeToo movement and feminism’s appeal to young women, some guys just don’t want to date those kind of people for political or moral reasons.

This shows a general ideological divide between students at Davis. The majority of the schools students are raised with conservative values and that makes students with liberal values unappealing and vice versa.

“I don’t want to date liberal’s because there is no way we would get along, we share too many different values to get along.”

Others worry about the divorce system

“The divorce system is broken I don’t want to risk losing half of my stuff in a botched marriage. Go watch better bachelor and you’ll understand what I mean”

Said a student concerned about modern dating.

These attitudes and others are the reason why many students just won’t risk dating anymore, we can only hope that these ideological differences and Covid-19 are relieved so we can all get back to enjoying this high school experience.