Student Spotlight: Hannah Wright


Jade Meyer

Anyone who has met Hannah Wright knows she’s sweet, but do they know she makes sweets too?

Hannah Wright has been making cakes for four years now. Hannah has made multiple different types of cakes including wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and just cakes for fun!

Hannah has an Instagram account called the_wright_cake that shows off some of her talented cakes and the processes it takes to make them.

“My friend took a cake class and I thought it looked fun so I taught myself to make cakes and I’ve been doing it ever since.” says Hannah on why she started baking.

One of the most amazing things about this skill is that Hannah is a self-taught baker. Teaching herself this skill has made her talent much more impressive because she never officially learned.

“I want to go to a culinary institute because it will give me the experience I need to either start a bakery, sell cakes, or teach cake lessons to kids.” says Hannah on what her baking goals entail.

This is a solid plan that will get her to where and what she wants to do.

“I will have to get into the school and also pay for it. Then I will have to work hard to do well in the school.” says Hannah on the biggest challenges that will get in the way of her goals.

With Hannah’s skills, there is no doubt that she will be able to reach her goals.

“I will save up money for the expenses and make a portfolio of my work so far to get accepted.” Hannah says on how she will overcome these challenges.

“The most rewarding part of baking to me is that I can make other people so happy when they see the cakes I make for them, which in turn makes me happy. ” Hannah says.

Hannah is a selfless baker, baking to make others happy. Hannah’s skills will continue to grow as she continues baking and as she attends the culinary institute. Good luck, Hannah!