COVID-19 vaccine is taking Utah by storm


Intermountain Healthcare employee displays the COVID-19 vaccine.

Gage Bowles, Writer

For over the past year, the Coronavirus has run rampant. It has shut down schools, businesses, travel, states, etc. Life did a complete 180 and we were taught to live in new ways. We had to learn how to adapt to our new surroundings. Recently though, we have found a way to combat the deadly virus in the form of a vaccine. 

Former President Donald J. Trump was focused on getting Americans a COVID-19 vaccine before he left office. To achieve his goal, he launched Operation Warp Speed to get Americans a vaccine. Operation Warp Speed only lasted 285 days, but it sure made a dent in the state of Utah. 

The Utah Department of Health on April 4 reported that about 565,000 Utahns have been fully vaccinated. Recently, Utah also reported that on the day they reached 500,000 vaccines that they had administered 46,000 vaccines that day. Also, from March 22 to 28 only 52 people passed away from coronavirus. This is a huge step down from when Utah averaged about 600 deaths a day. 

“It is important for people to receive the vaccine in Utah to help with herd immunity,”

Stated Gabe Stephenson, a student at Davis, when asked why it’s important for Utahns to get vaccinated.

“It will also dramatically help us in getting back to a more normal lifestyle.” 

Vaccinations are being administered at a tremendous rate that Governor Spencer Cox has now deemed no county in Utah high transmission anymore. Most counties within the state are either considered low or moderate transmission counties. This is a positive signal that Utah is headed in the right direction. 

“People want to see their families again. Utah is a large family-orientated state and families are starting to miss each other,”

Exclaimed Corran Cottrell, Davis High student, on why he believes Utahns are getting vaccinated.

“People are taking this great opportunity to receive this vaccine because they yearn to participate in family activities again. It is such a great sign.” 

Utah has now opened the vaccine up to people 16 years and older and many are jumping on the opportunity. Many teenagers want life to return to normal. They want to embrace their grandparents and see cousins from different states. 

“I am choosing to get vaccinated not only for myself, but also for others. I am getting vaccinated for the safety of my grandparents and for the safety of many others,”

Explained Carson Rasmussen, another Davis Dart. 

Utah has made a massive dent in flattening the curve. With over a half-million citizens having been fully vaccinated and now allowing teenagers to receive it, Utah is moving in the correct direction to stop the virus. May we all tip our cap to the Beehive State.