Student Spotlight-Marshall Brower

Grayson Sherman

How much do you know about the Davis High Football Team? Did you happen to ever go to a High School Football game, or perhaps even be on a team?

Here at Davis High, a student Marshall Brower takes some time out of his day today to tell about his time on the Davis High Football Team and his experience being on the team for three years.

Davis High football games truly are a spectacle to behold. When it comes to football, Marshall Brower knows all about it. Marshall’s dad also played in High School and even went on to play college football. Talk about a family of athletes.

When asked what his favorite part about the football team he said, “My favorite part about the Football team was the people on the team who made it that much more enjoyable.” He also went on to say ” I had the best times at the games, no other feeling compares to the feeling you get when you first enter the field at a home game.”

The home football games aren’t only a good time for the players, but for the families and friends involved too. Parking lots are packed bumper to bumper with viewers eager to watch the game. Cars also line up parked down the side of the street, and fill up the church parking lot across the street from the school.

If you aren’t able to make it to a games, the local news channel broadcasts the game for anyone to watch for free.

“I would rate the experience on the team an 8/10, although the early morning summer practices weren’t so fun, they really paid off during the football season.”

When asked if he would join again, he eagerly said yes.

Marshall left of with saying, “If you’ve ever been on the fence about joining a football team, or even just thought about it, you should totally do it.”