Dart pride shines during spirit week!

Dart pride shines during spirit week!

Gabe Stephenson, Writer

Spirit week is a student pride event that consists of activities throughout the week that go around events like sports, games, and lunch.  Spirit week started today, the 12th of April, and will end on Friday. Students are encouraged to get involved and participate in the activities that are hosted by the student body officers.

Spirit week will run as follows according to the schedule posted by the officers.

Monday is vintage day. Students are asked to come to school in items that they have thrifted or have an indie style. There will also be Karaoke in the commons during lunch.

Tuesday is Disney day. They want students to wear something Disney-related and then participate in a Disney themed Kahoot competition at lunch.

On Wednesday, students are encouraged to wear pink. There will also be more games at lunch for students to play.

There will be a tailgate at the baseball game against Syracuse on Thursday. Otter pops will be given out to students who come to this event.

Coming to school on Monday, I haven’t seen a lot of student participation so far for vintage day. After asking around my class, it seems many students don’t even know what is happening this week. It seems that the word about spirit week hasn’t gotten out yet. This has been a problem in past years. Many students do not participate because they simply are not aware of it. Following Davis High’s Instagram page can help students stay updated on school activities like spirit week.

In past years, students have responded to spirit week with a negative attitude and have considered it boring and not very entertaining. However, especially this year when school activities have been severely limited due to Covid, participating in activities like spirit week can help lift school morale and improve your high school experience