Twitch is the best and most popular gaming streaming platform.


Matt Rindi, writer

First of all let me tell you all that twitch is probably the best gaming platform for streams mainly because you don’t really need that much or great internet. But it’s pretty dope I get more views on those quicker then you will get them on  YouTube videos or  streams on YouTube anyways. Twitch has definitely changed a lot it’s even more popular then any other streaming platform “gaming platform”. In fact the most popular game to stream is Rust. Rust is a pretty epic game! This game is like this really awesome survival multi-player online. But there’s really cool things in this game you start out well  like a person who has to find everything but it’s very hilarious game though.

I’ve kind of played Rust in away but it’s not really the rust we all know as well  think is probably the best. Mine the one I use is Dust it’s like that except on a different  gaming platform. Now that I think of it Rust looks quite a like to Ark survival as well Raft. There definitely seems some resemblance between the three interesting but quite entertaining seeing people play those games. There’s this game called Stranded Deep it’s definitely a game you may like if you want to test your skills and ingenuity you have to survive on the island you are there with nothing. there so many great and wonderful things to also you will be able to get payed once you gain 50 followers on twitch.

You know how easy it is to gain more money on twitch then it is to earn money on YouTube!?  The other nice things about twitch is you are able to place those streams onto your channel as well which is so sick it’s able to transport to your YouTube. Twitch has also all types of dedicated types of streams for what people want to watch and enjoy. Twitch gives you multiple things you might be interested in. Which was really great for them just so many awesome and great possibilities of optimistic in the choices you do on stream. There’s so many great awesome things that you have the resources to do.

A lot of video gamers use Twitch to weigh their options before they want to make a purchase. Twitch can also help you save your money on a type of game you might want to actually play which could help your audience not waste something they really don’t want to  play but, that’s mainly very popular games.  A person I know he’s doing very well as a streamer he’s great it’s got about 20 followers if I remember correctly but streaming. being on twitch can really be fun with you just pretty much doing what you want to do or how you want to do it haha.