DHS Croquet

DHS Croquet

Grayson Sherman

Would you consider Croquet to be a relevant sport? If Croquet was being offered as a club or school sport would you join?

Croquet is often thought of as something might do with their grandparents, or at a family event, but could Croquet make it’s way into mainstream High School Sports?

When High School Students are asked, ” what sport do you think of when you think of High School sports?”, they might say Basketball, Football, Baseball, or Soccer.

Not much differs from those four major sports. If a school were to introduce a new  sport, would Croquet be the first thing to pop up into your head?

If Croquet was introduced as a High School sport, would you join the team? Do you know enough about Croquet to feel comfortable playing with a team?

Out of 10 students asked at Davis High School in Kaysville Utah, 1/10 students said they would participate, 2/10 students said they would watch, and 2/10 students said they would support the idea.

The odds aren’t looking in Croquets’ favor. Although it may not look like the idea of the sport being integrated isn’t very strong, it could’ve just been the certain group of people asked.

If Croquet were to be integrated as a sport in Davis High, other schools in the area would also have to follow along and make teams for Davis High to play against.

Along with other surrounding Schools needing to join/partake in Croquet, there would also need to be people who are willing to support their children and go to the meets to watch their children perform.

Along with that there would need to be lots of time and money devoted to setup these meets/games. In order for a school to sacrifice all that, there needs to be a group of people showing the school that it will be worth their time and money.