The state of coronavirus at Davis High

The state of coronavirus at Davis High

As the Coronavirus seemingly begins to fade away, people are becoming more and more excited to get back to normal.

Businesses and travel have begun to open again resulting in large crowds on holidays and weekends, in places such as Saint George, Utah.

Coronavirus-based restrictions have been relaxed in recent months. And people are anxious to get out of the house.

Davis High students agree that coronavirus restrictions have been relaxed in recent months. Austin Frasure said, “I have been relaxed lately, but I feel like people are getting too relaxed with how they are wearing masks.”

The Utah mask mandate is going to be lifted on April 10. I interviewed Davis students about this new development and was met with mixed opinions.

Austin Frasure said, “I feel like it is too early to have it gone. I hate masks just as much as anyone else but when it comes to the safety of others, I’m glad to wear it for an extra couple weeks.” While Spencer Ferguson had a different take on the lifted mask mandate. Spencer said, “I like It and I am taking advantage of it wherever I can.”

Part of the reason that some of the restrictions are being lifted is people are being vaccinated.

Starting Wednesday March 24 anybody 16 or older became eligible to get the coronavirus vaccine. Many people have already been vaccinated.

As of April 12, almost 32% of people in Utah have received the first dose of coronavirus vaccination and 16 % are fully vaccinated, which is below the national average of 22%.

Utah has the second lowest vaccination rate out of every state in the US, only ahead of Georgia.

As well as rising vaccination levels, coronavirus infection numbers in Utah have been going down since early January and are currently at levels that have not been seen since early September.

Davis High, and other schools around the state will continue to keep their mask and social distancing policies, even after April 10.