Student Spotlight – The Wonderful Winston of Mi


Do you know the Winston? If not, you’re missing out.

Winston Mi is an SBO here at Davis High. He also plays volleyball and probably rules the world on the side. He had some interesting stuff to say about being an SBO here at Davis, as well.

“The amount of things we can do have been restricted a ton; it’s a lot harder to get anything approved by admins. It’s stressful but it still has the fun environment it always had,” when asked what being an SBO during COVID is like.

We all know the narrative, COVID takes away all our fun, but Winston is working against that. As an SBO his crusade is against all the tears of tyranny that virus of crowns has caused our Dear Ol’ Davis High! Just kidding, although he is really working on making the 2020-2021 school year fun, especially this final stretch.

“This year due to COVID it’s easier than most other years, because we can’t participate in a lot we could before. The time commitment for this year has been a lot less than other years. So, it’s just about priorities,” Winston said of balancing these responsibilities with sports and the rest of life.

Wise words of wisdom from Winston. If you’re looking to be an SBO, these are definitely words of encouragement and advice. Every word that comes out of Winston’s mouth is prophesy, remember.

“I’m not absolutely sure yet but I’m looking into going to college still, and my parent’s and I are talking about me joining the military,” said Winston of his future aspirations.

Whatever Winston sets his mind to he will be great at it. Winston is a mac, like a big mac but better. Seriously, he is a good example of defending the tradition and we should all try to be more like him!