Ty Knight’s Prom Spotlight

Who, why and how did you ask to prom? Ty Knight, Davis High School student, was asked. Ty and his group are taking a gamble and going to the school hosted Prom, which is an unpopular choice with student hosted dances becoming more popular due to Covid-19.

Ty asked to Prom due to a group decision with his friends that planned to be at the dance May 14, 2021. “I asked Sadie Brown. She has been a very good friend of mine for a long time and she’s cute.”

Sadie Brown received the question and invitation through an Easter basket full of candy as well as a poster board decorated with, “I’m putting all my eggs in one basket. Will you go to Prom with me? -Ty.” Her response was yes.

Ty’s friends and Prom group have big plans for their senior Prom which includes a rental of a Hummer Truck Limo. With a dance group of 10 members, it ended up being $115 a person still with the bill split evenly among the 10 dance group members.

Davis High School administration declared 2021 Prom a Davis High student only attendance. When asked if this disappointed Ty he responded, “Yes, mainly, but I am not to butthurt over it, because it worked out okay for me personally.” Some of his friends however, feel as if they got the back end of the stick with this regulation. Friends and Girlfriends from other schools were left out of the equation and some were left with the question of who they could take. As for Ty, he lucked out that Sadie, who is a Davis High Student and who also hadn’t been asked already.

According to Ty, most boys ask to a dance in hopes of something more then a casual friend get together. “I’m not gonna fork out free dinner, limo rides, and a day date for someone who is just a friend to me. I want to get at least something out of it.” said Ty when asked if he prefers a friends or taking someone in hopes of romance.

Most students feel Covid-19 and strict dance guidelines have ruined the dances including Ty Knight himself. Homecoming, Christmas, and Sweetheart’s, were all cancelled so dance groups just hosted their own dances at their houses or rented areas and that’s what most students are starting to prefer anyways. They can customize their dances to the groups liking and without absurd school guidelines and rules. Ty hopes his group didn’t make the wrong decision.