2021 Senior Life

2021 Senior Life

Is High School for a Senior all it sounds like it is? Well not exactly, with all the new outlines and safety measures for the recent Covid-19 outbreak, certain aspects of A Senior’s daily school life are much much different.

When you think of a Senior, you often thing one of two things. A student who’s on track, working hard to get scholarships in preparation for college, or a student who just turned 18, who parties hard, does things he/she is not supposed to, and skips most of their classes.

With most of the safety measures put in place, a lot of kids who graduated last year really missed out on several things. They didn’t get graduation, prom, scholar ship opportunities, and even end of year student events.

While things are getting better, School life also get’s better. Unlike the 2020 graduates at Davis High, the 2021 Senior Class will have a school promoted Prom, a choice of in-person or virtual graduation, and School promoted Senior events.

As the 2020 Graduation year got the short end of the stick, 2021 is getting better, and 2022 should be somewhat close to normal.

Social aspects of a Senior year are also limited. With masks, you’d find students don’t socialize with each other as often. Students keep to themselves and often almost try to avoid other students.

As for teachers, they follow each safety measure put in place and do their best to ensure that the students do as well. When students don’t follow the guidelines, teachers do their best to make sure the students understand why these rules and procedures are put in place.

Although school may not be normal now, sometime in the near future students should return to a way school was ran before the Covid-19 epidemic. Stay in school, don’t do drugs, social distance, and most importantly, be safe out there.