The Bubble


Cameron Piacente, Writer

Fear not, cultural education is on the way!

Get ready to pop the Utah culture bubble in this article as we examine the difference between Utah culture to mainstream culture.

Our example for mainstream culture will be Florida, and our Florida culture expert will be Davis High Research Fellow and seventeen-year resident of the Sunshine State, Cameron J. Piacente, aka the bubble popper.

“The biggest difference between Florida and Utah is cultural isolationism. In Utah, because the pioneers settled here when Utah was not easily accessible, the Utah culture was able to evolve into what it is now, unaffected by the rest of the world,” said Cameron to explain why Utah is the way it is.

This has been an issue throughout history, at least for the government. The federal government really didn’t like Utah and wouldn’t let Utah become a state for years. Decide for yourself whether it’s a ‘red headed stepchild’ deal or ‘they hate me because I’m beautiful.’

“Dating is another big cultural difference. When I arrived here in Utah, I was asked, ‘will your girlfriend let you go on dates with other girls,’ and my response was, ‘that’s called cheating,’ because in Florida that would not have been acceptable,” Cameron said on dating differences.

Why these differences are present I do not know, but neither one is necessarily wrong. While I do not think it is okay to date other girls if you have a girlfriend (or boys with a boyfriend), I also understand because the culture you are raised in will create a lot of your personal values.

“The religious background of Utah is the basis of its social norms,” said Cameron about Utah’s ecclesiastical attributes.

Whether or not you love the culture or not, Utah definitely has a unique culture. The religious background, and social isolation make it something everyone should experience.