Cheer Squad 2021-2022


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Jadin Cleveland, Prince of Egypt

Davis High is known for its honorable academics and its outstanding sports teams. but there is something else that Davis High takes pride in and that is our wonderful cheerleading squad. Cheerleaders at Davis high make sure everyone who attends games and walks the halls feels welcome and makes sure everyone is in the “Game”  and no ones left out. Just recently are cheerleaders had a difficult obstacle to overcome. Cheerleading tryouts just happened recently and there is nothing more stressful and exciting then entering the try outs. To get a glimpse of the tryout mind set of the new members in cheer squad we asked them some questions.

What was your mindset going into tryouts?

“I was thinking that there was going to be a lot of talented so I had to do my best.”

Do you think you gave it your all?

“I honestly think I could’ve done better and worked harder.”

what strategy fits best for your role as a cheerleader?

“I make sure I am always working and being nice to everyone.”

How long have you been wanting to be apart of our Davis High cheer team?

“I have wanted to cheer at Davis ever since JR. High because it looked like something fun to be apart of.”

What emotions are you feeling knowing you are part of the Davis High cheer squad?

“I am very excited to cheer this year and to make new friends”

Maddie Forster “Be Brave and Take Risks: You need to have faith in yourself.”

Davis High student prove over and over again there determination and pride for the school. They make sure you are wanted and make you feel proud and happy about being a Davis dart. Big congrats to our new cheer squad this year you girls have earned your spot to be representing our school this coming up year.