Moonlight Serenade


Gabe Stephenson, Writer

Moonlight serenade was hosted last week by the Davis High band. The event happens once a year at Davis and is the primary fundraiser for the band. It consists of dinner and live music with multiple live performances from the dance company, choir, and jazz band.

As guests arrive, they are greeted by servers who are members of the band. They are then seated to enjoy the live music and scenery. As the night continues, they will be dining with a choice of steak or fish with a side of soup or salad. They are also encouraged to dance and watch the performances presented to them. The vision that the participants have is to create a classical restaurant.

This year, tickets sold out faster than usual and it led to a great few nights. Parents and grandparents tend to enjoy it a lot because it can feel like a blast from the past. Unfortunately, it appears that most Davis High students are unaware of Moonlight Serenade. Everyone I asked who wasn’t in attendance or part of the band seemed to not know anything about it.

According to one band member, the event went smoothly this year with no problems. He did mention that more student participation would be fun, but it’s clear that the older crowd tends to enjoy it more. This event only occurs once a year and seems to be growing in popularity, so next time you see it being advertised around the school buy your ticket fast!