Bodie Wolcott : a life after highschool


Ethan McKay, Journalist

Bodie Wolcott graduated from Davis High school in 2020. We interviewed him to see what he has been doing since he graduated high school and how high school effected his life.

“High school was a great experience and taught me many life lessons.” Said Bodie on how high school effected his life so far.

When asked about his life in high school and advise for current students he said. “I learned how to socialize and live my life to the fullest and I suggest that all students grow both in education and grow their social life.”

Bodie is now attending college at weber state university and is getting his generals done. He is also attending aviation to become a pilot.

He is hoping to become a commercial airline pilot and is also hoping to fly some private airplanes.

“I want to have a good life and be able to have a job that does not feel like a job.” says Bodie about his ultimate life goal.

“I want to follow in my dads footsteps and my grandpas foot steps, they were both pilots and they were and are able to provide for themselves and their family.” said Bodie on his thoughts on being a pilot.

He has lived a good life and wants to keep that going. He wants to be able to have fun and travel with family and friends. He is always in for a good time and will always be happy to go with you.

If you are looking for a smart kid to hang out with or marry Bodie is your guy. He will always make you laugh and will make sure that you are happy. He knows what he is doing and wants to make everyone happy and proud. He will never let you down. That is the life after high school of Bodie Wolcott.