Davis Lacrosse

Davis Lacrosse is mid season is staying solid and stronger than ever. Coaching and practice have been gluing together and showing that they are a contender in state with a staggering record being 8-1 and #1 in region as of now.  As they hold this 5 game win streak. They confident for there following games with already having hard fighting games against Northridge and Weber.

Offensively strong and Rhett rice being able to run, dodge and shoot on the fast break being more 80% shows that he dominates the field and with great team chemistry has shown they can score but need to put up more on goal to get better shooting percentage to compete with the top schools in the state. Being able to run many offensive sets defensives will struggle to guard the fierce Davis offensive

Although the team chemistry is there. Can the newer defense of Davis hold? Well defensive player Luke Johnson says ”Most definitely if we can play our man and play hard physical defense I think we should be alright” The team is fired up for play offs and staying healthy and keeping practice fast moving and demanding as they prepare for playoffs.

Former midfielder Andrew Barker who tore his ACL speaks behalf the team ”I’m really bummed out I don’t get play with brothers and being the captain has been difficult I cant be a leader out on the field anymore but i can cheer on the sideline!”   It showed that his team needs him for playoffs but sadly will have to recover.

Overall Davis is great team. But shows they played to together as kids and have had championship team in there youth. Former players have returned and is not scared of any competition. As there confidence grows as team they will be ready for whoever stands in front of them.