Joe Biden has the support of Davis High students


Joe Biden’s Presidential Portrait

Gage Bowles, Writer

Davis High students are taking a demanding stand this week by backing and supporting President Joe Biden. Many students are backing Biden because of his COVID relief bills, infrastructure proposal, and his demeanor. This is surprising considering that most students grew up in conservative homes. 

Poll findings released on Monday found that an astounding 56% of Davis High respondents approved of Joe Biden’s job in office so far. 44% disapproved of President Biden’s performance up to this point. 

Many students are proud to back Joe Biden on his $2 trillion infrastructure plan. They believe that the President’s plan will boost the post-COVID economy and shed some light on a problem in America. Infrastructure in Biden’s terms means not only railroads and buildings, but things such as computer chips and all sorts of technology. Davis High students also believed the proposal was brilliant because of the many jobs it will create. 

“When you take a look at Biden’s infrastructure plan it just makes sense to back it.”

Stated an anonymous student at Davis High.

“His (Biden’s) ultimate goal is to revitalize manufacturing, transportation, and most importantly our water systems”. 

The Biden-Harris administration has really focused on swaying young individuals to their campaign because they believe they are building for the future. Biden is not only building for the future of America, but his political party as well. The Biden-Harris administration’s biggest support comes from the age 18-34 demographic. If you ask Bill Maher, it is because “they are the most gullible generation”. The Democratic Party is mostly made up of 18–34-year-olds and Joe Biden is helping to facilitate that. 

“Biden has fulfilled his promises, but he has not responded to certain crises which hurts my views on him. I hope that he can come through on all these other promises.”

Stated another anonymous Dart. 

President Joe Biden has managed to attain the support of Davis High School, but that support could be in jeopardy soon. Students are demanding he hold true to his promises, but at the same time love what he has been able to do so far.