Davis High’s Ladies Lacrosse


Andrew Barker

Davis high school debuted their first official season this year and it is safe to say the ladies team is doing amazing. With an undefeated season so far, the women’s team leads their division and is currently 8th in Utah.

I had the opportunity to talk to a few of the key players on the team to catch their opinions on how they think their season is going, and it was awesome to hear what they had to say. I asked the captains what were some of the challenges with being the first women’s lacrosse team here at Davis, and Freshman Captain replied with, “I think getting the same recognition as the boys do is the hardest part. We work just as hard and in a lot of cases, even harder than the boys team, but we do not get the same credit.” States Tallulah Raser. Since the women’s team is so new it is hard getting the recognition they deserve, but it will only improve from here.

Another question that was brung up while I was interviewing the players was what was the captains main goals and what are they doing to motivate their players to get to where they want to be. Sam Wilkes; a senior, replied, “Our main goal is trusting each other and improving everyday on and off the field. As a captain I try and stay as positive as I can to help my team strive to be better.” They continue to say how they think they are projected to win region and do great in the deep playoffs.

If Davis continues on their path of success they will do great things for their team this season, and take home a well deserved championship. Winning and proving themselves will be huge for their team with kicking off their program this year!