Student Spotlight: Krazy Kache Allen


Andrew Barker

Kache Allen is a senior here at Davis High and he will go out with a bang! Kache is a well known comedian and an even better friend to students at Davis.

Kache has played football here at Davis High for all 3 years and he says that was some of his favorite memories that he will remember from high school. Kache has dipped into a number of hobbies to add to his collection: He has played lacrosse, basketball, and has been in the chess club all throughout high school and he claims to have “Loved every minute of it all!”.

Kache’s plans after high school is still undecided on what he wants to do in his future, but until then he plans to serve a full LDS mission, serving in Provo, Ut. I asked kache what he is most excited for after he graduates and he responded, “I am so excited to move out, even though I will miss my mothers company and her cooking. I am looking forward to getting a girlfriend and having my first kiss in college. That will be awesome!”. He is such a comedic human specimen and he brings such a contagious smile and mood whenever he walks into a room.

I asked kache what advice he could give to any incoming sophomores at Davis High and he replied, “When I went into high school I was way too worried about trying to get grades that I lost touch of what really mattered in high school, the friendships. You don’t look back and remember how hard you studied for a hard test, you remember the fun times you had with friends.” Kache surely has made a positive impact on several peoples lives in high school and will be remembered for a very long time in the roots of Davis High. He is nothing shy of a great human being and an even better friend, teammate, and classmate.