The best of the Spidermans

July 3, 2012, The Amazing Spider-Man was released in theater, starring Andrew Garfield. The 2 hour and 33 minute film pulled in 757.9 million USD Box Office on a 230 million USD Budget.

Out of the 3 different Spiderman film series, Andrew Garfield’s is the best by far. Not only is Garfield’s suit the coolest between Toby Maguire and Tom Holland, but the story line in the movie is so much more detailed to the comics.

In Toby’s film he is on a field trip to a science lab where they study spiders and have developed genetically enhanced spiders, one escapes and bites Toby as he is taking a picture. However, this is only sort of correct. In the Amazing Spiderman Garfield sneaks into a touring group in the science lab at Oscorp where his dad used to work at before he died in plane crash. He sneaks around and just happens to get bit by the same super spider his dad developed in his life long work.  We are still yet to see how Tom Hollands film acquired his powers.

Another thing that is terrible about Toby’s film is how he shoots webs out of wrists and his body makes the webbing itself. In my opinion this is just terrible and so far gone from realistic. What I like about the Garfield film is how he developed his very one web shooters and he actually uses the web cartridges that Oscorp sells from the spiders that gave him this power.

Now the thing that bugs me about the Tom Holland film the most is the iron man aid. In Tom’s film he is really nothing without iron man and that’s not the point of Spiderman. In the comics Spiderman has already defeated many of his enemies long before he ever encounters ironman and one of those villain’s he defeats before he meets ironman is Vulture, which is the villain in Spiderman Homecoming and another one of those villains he defeats is Mysterio. Both of those villains are in Tom Holland’s films and he literally only defeats them, because the aid of Tony Stark or ironman

It’s just not right, take my word on it. Watch The Amazing Spiderman and pay close to detail and trust me, it is the best series by far that sadly ended early. Case Closed.