A Great summer 101

It’s that time of year again! Flowers are blooming, the sky is blue, and the sun is out. We have officially reached spring in Utah. Which means summer is right around the corner. As I’m sure all of the students at Davis High are excited for summer, and this will be the senior classes last. As a senior I intend on making the most of my very last summer before going to college. I’m no Phineas and Ferb, but I definitely do know what makes a great summer. I have many ideas, plans, and places I want to go. So here is my guide, and top picks for what makes an amazing summer break.

Although, this might be a given, you have to visit a pool! Pool days in the warm summer sun are always so relaxing and reliving. Many people have different ways of enjoying the pool, but for me, my favorite has always been laying out and plugging in my headphones. I love being able to relax and feel the heat on my skin. Just watch out for the sunburns! Laying out by the pool will most definitely be on my summer bucket list.

If you haven’t already, this summer you need to visit Caussey lake. Although it is a little bit of a drive, the beautiful scenery, cliffs, crystal clear waters make it all worth it. There’re many activities you can do at the lake, my favorite happens to be a cliff jumping. Teenagers will sit up at the rocks and cliff jump to get to the other side to the lake, just to do it all over again. Cliff jumping gives you a rush of adrenaline like you’ve never felt before and makes you feel alive!

My final summer bucket list pick is concerts and festivals. This summer I am really hoping that concerts will come back. Music is a huge part of my life and I haven’t been able to see my favorite artists preform due to the pandemic. This summer, I’m hoping it’s a different story. Concerts, especially outdoors are a must for summer. Nothing beats being outdoors, surrounded by your best friends, seeing your favorite artist perform live, and dancing like there’s no tomorrow.