Hallway traffic jams cause unnecessary stress and strain to students

by Alyssa Thompson


The halls of Davis High are jam-packed from the time school starts until the time it ends. Getting to class without any delays is nearly impossible when people refuse to move because they are in the middle of a conversation. It makes things really inconvenient for those of us that want to get to class.

In my sophomore year I quickly learned that there were people just as impatient as I was. I was trying to figure out how to weave through the crowd, when the guy behind me gave an abrupt apology and slammed into my back. He sent me flying towards the person ahead and the domino effect came into play. The shoving of students continued until the swarm of talkers broke apart.

It’s completely unnecessary. I think being stuck in the hallway is annoying and ridiculous. I’m not going to pretend that I have never stopped in the hall to say hi to a friend, but if someone is trying to get past me, naturally, I move for them. No one wants to be swallowed by a sea of chaos but that’s what happens when too many people are in the flow of traffic of the halls.

I suggest that we be more observant and aware of the way people are positioned in the halls. Look for the fastest and most efficient way around them. Try to see which side of the staircase looks less crowded. Sometimes kids just stand there waiting for the people in front when the entire right side is moving along quicker. This problem can easily be preventable if people would just move to the side of the hall or save their conversations for later.