The Legend of Couch Gang – Why you Should Take Journalism


Cameron Piacente, Writer

Do you want to be a part of something greater than yourself? Do you want to be part of the tradition? Do you want to write stories about Davis High School? If you say no, then leave, but if yes, here is your daily humor fill.

First, the journalism class is super laid back, compliments to the man, the myth, the legend, Travis Frey. Seriously, Frey’s class is so awesome because he’s a really chill laid-back teacher. He doesn’t put a whole bunch of pressure and let’s you work the way you work best. Also, he has couches in his room which foster synergetic collaboration amongst your peers (in English, you can talk). You also can become part of couch gang if you’re one of the elite, the elect, the very greatest of the group, the cream of the crop, and all of those other idioms. As a member of couch gang, I recommend it. You’re all missing out right now.

Second, Journalism class is the sickest sicktion in the sicktionary. You’ll learn things that are actually valuable in life. I mean I want to be a doctor, but I know not everyone needs to know the mitochondrion is the powerhouse of the cell. Also, as you can tell, you have a lot of freedom in your writing, so have fun with it. Serious can be cool but it’s more fun to just write what comes to mind like banana king beats children with blocks.

Third, you have people to help you through blocks. There’s times you have no idea what to say, but your editors can help you find that or say what you’re trying to say. Also, Frey has the power to answer all your questions. He’s like 42 level from Hitchhiker’s Guide.

Okay, what have we learned? Join journalism. Level up. Meet Frey. Become couch gang. Watch Spider-Man Into the Spider-verse (best animated movie of all time)!