My favorite Car

My favorite Car just happens to be the car I own. You may know it as an Infiniti G35, but actually over seas it is known by another name, Skyline 350gt.

I happen to own a 2004, six-speed manual sport coupe. The sport model comes equipped with a spoiler, Brembo brake package, and 19″ Rays forged rims. It began production in Kaminikawa/Tochigi Japan, June 2002 and ended May 2007.

You can purchase model years 2003-2008, with 3 different engine options and 2 different bodies. 2003-2004 comes equipped with the vq35de with variable valve timing on the intake and 280 horsepower.

2005-2006 comes equipped with the vq35rev-up.  Very similar to the “de” engine except they added variable valve timing to the exhaust side giving it a higher redline at 7,000rpm and also 298 horsepower. The only problem with the “rev-up” is they used cheaper piston rings so it tends to burn a lot of oil and you’ll find yourself  adding a quart of oil to your car every month. The 2005-2006 years also got an updated interior and different styled body components, but its essentially still the same car.

2007-2008 got a whole new engine called the vq35hr. Now with corrected piston rings and an entirely new devolved intake manifold with dual throttle body and intakes has now allowed the g35 to redline up to 7,500rpm and have a whopping 305 horsepower. Along with all that, it got another interior update and a whole new re-designed body. Still though, through all 5 years it rode the same chassis “V35”.

Surprisingly the g35 has a brother that also rode the v35 chassis and went through all the same power changes through the years 2003-2008, the 350z. Yes, both these cars are very similar. Yes, the 350z is a Nissan, and Yes, the g35 is a Infiniti, but I’ll let you in on a little secret  Nissan and Infiniti are the same thing. Everywhere else in the world all Infiniti’s are actually Nissans. Infiniti was created just for the United States to help sell their vehicles in a new, exciting, luxury brand.

Last thing you can turn this car into a GT-R with $20,000. Just go buy yourself the GT-R body kit and yourself a Jim Wolf Tech Twin Turbo Kit and also yourself some GT-R wheels.