The Art Atmosphere at Davis

If you have been to Davis the North end of the school. The glass windows light up the room with all sorts of colorful and creative masterpieces. Its caught the public attention and very obvious that the darts have talent.

Savannah Shultz has selected a majority of her classes to be in the art hall for her last year at Davis. We asked her what’s special this about this year “well id say the senior class has really got together to bond and just art room has this good vibe and place to go to get your art credits done. Good music fun and really a good social aspect at Davis”

With all these amazing masterpieces. Good cotton paper for watercolors and good surety clay for the ceramics room. These teachers have made effort to get good supplies for brushes and techniques for Darts to use. We asked Nick Evans what’s a good quality about these art rooms – ” Geez the all art classes are great and good to go in spend you time you’ll find yourself in there as a senior with your friends just making all these random projects that don’t even go on your grade so really just a good time”

Nick has enjoyed his experience at Davis and has been an sbo for his high school career and has seen a lot of people come by can say there’s a great atmosphere here and will show Davis’s show to be strong in every aspect.