Trump dominates other GOP candidates in Utah poll


Former President Donald Trump at a rally in Charleston, West Virginia

Gage Bowles, Writer

The 2020 election was a whirlwind for both Democrats and Republicans as it managed to be the biggest voter turnout in history. Current President Joe Biden managed to receive 81 million votes while former President Donald Trump managed to receive 74 million votes. Former President Trump did not take it lightly when he lost claiming that the election was “fraudulent” and “stolen”, but the past is the past for the former President. Donald Trump has his sights set on 2024 and many Utahns believe he will come back as the GOP’s candidate for President. 

In a recent poll, 250 Utahns out of the 400 polled, stated that former President Trump would be the GOP’s nominee for President in 2024. 

“Of course Trump is coming back. If you watched his interviews with Sean Hannity and Candace Owens, you definitely get the vibe he is coming back. Now we wait to see if he injects himself into the Republican primaries in 2022.” 

Stated an anonymous person when asked why they believed Trump would be the nominee.

It is no secret that former President Trump is going to be a big part of the future for the GOP whether that means backing a candidate or running himself. Many believe Trump will be the one running. Many Utahns have expressed that they are not over Trump and want him back. They have not liked what the Biden administration has done, and they believe that Trump is man of his word. However, they are concerned that if Trump is on the ticket, he will split the Republican vote. A series of events can happen over the next couple of years to determine what happens, but many believe the former President will be back. 

Donald Trump’s political plans are dominating political conversations today. More moderate Republicans that I communicated with believed that Trump has already “roasted his goose” and that he should back a strong candidate for President instead. The candidate that most people want Donald to back is Governor Ron DeSantis of FloridaRepublicans and Democrats alike were impressed with how Governor DeSantis has handled the reopening of Florida. They also firmly believe that DeSantis will appeal to both extreme Republicans and the more moderate ones.

“I would fully back Ron DeSantis. I will be honest when I say how I like he has kept Florida open and how he always put Florida first. I thoroughly believe Governor DeSantis should run for President of the United States.” 

Stated a registered Democrat in Utah to me.

The prospect of a 2024 campaign for Trump has been characterized as coy. The biggest factor behind this could be in large part to campaign financing rules. The former President has until the Republican primaries in 2022 to announce his run for President. 

While the 2024 election seems like a lifetime away, it is a lot closer than what many think. The GOP is looking forward to it because they have a strong conviction; they can reclaim the White House and Democrats believe they can curb they Republicans.

“I will say today that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for President. He will come back stronger than ever and make sure that everyone knows he loves America. Even if he decides to not come back, I am sure that the GOP will put forth a great candidate. I look forward to the 2024 election.”

Declared an anonymous person who was polled.

These next couple of months will be wild but as Trump says supporters will be “very happy” with what he decides.