guayaki yerba mate

Gabe Franklin

my name is Gabe franklin and i am a ambacebador for Guayaki. Guayki is a yerba mate company that started in 1996. Guayki yerba mate and its team of cebadores and hacedores are serving up yerba mate culture and connecting with communities worldwide. led by spirit, guayaki remains a privately held company so that it can steward their vision and ensure the legacy.

on Guyakis website you can find all about their vision. one thing they state is “with a blend of west coast pioneer spirit and argentine hospitality, the inspired semillas took to the road. traveling in a mix of VW vans, pickups, and rv’s, they took the wheel in one hand, and a gourd in the other to the four corners of the united states.

so far working with Guayaki yerba mate has been such a great experience. its a community of people that care so much about the environment and care to make the world a better place. “the regeneration of the planet is at the heart of our business model. every time you purchase Guayaki yerba mate, you’re creating a positive global impact. we call it market driven regeneration, and its the driving force behind everything we do.”

Guayaki is such a great company if you enjoy yerba mate they are the company to go with they care so much about everything in life and try their best make everyone feel cared about and happy. my job with them is to share the company with the community and bring people together in ways such as, concerts, hangouts, parties, or just in the classroom. i feel so blessed and am very happy to be working with this amazing company.