Just another family-owned business or best Greek restaurant in Kaysville?


Taeja Villagrana, Writer

 Luis Alonso owner of BC Chicken has the best Greek food in Kaysville of 2021.

BC Chicken originated in San Juan, Puerto Rico but then the previous owner decided they wanted to sell it. One of the employees at the time, Luis Alonso decided him, and his family would buy it.

The main reason BC Chicken came to be a family-owned business is because they wanted to keep their family close together. They are very family-oriented people. “Family is the most important thing in this world to us”, said Luis.

This restaurant isn’t like any other Greek restaurant, the environment, the people and food are what makes this place different and unique from anywhere else. “Our special ingredient being lemon seasoning, we use it in everything”, said Luis.

The past few years covid-19 has affected everyone, but family-owned restaurants took the hardest hit. They struggled to keep their business open but in an interview with Luis, he said “They got a lot of support from Kaysville.”

Kaysville Departments would buy lots and lots of take out from BC Chicken in hopes of them not going out of business. They never gave up on the restaurant and that is the biggest reason they’re still in business today.

On September 19, I went to BC Chicken to review the food and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. I got the Greek combo which consists of your choice of meat, half potatoes and rice, salad and pitas.

The chicken cabob was nice and juicy on the inside and perfectly charred on the outside. The rice and potatoes were beautifully seasoned, the salad was fresh, and the pita was soft and warm.

BC Chicken might be a small business, but they have a big place in my heart because their food is truly outstanding, flavorful, saporous and worth every penny!