Davis D’ettes competition ready


Photo cred: https://www.backstage.com/magazine/article/must-know-regional-dance-companies-10214/

Sylia Arnell

The Davis High D’ettes work extremely hard every season to dominate in competition come December. The drill team is exceptional! Their work ethic is amazing, and each dancer has great self-discipline. Each team member is incredibly talented to help with their competition season coming up!

Currently, the D’ettes practice 6 days a week and are working on their competition routines. Each practice starts with a drill down and then the seniors warm up the rest of the team. Their tricks and skills are then worked on for the rest of the warmup. They then begin cleaning or learning choreography to their routines.

Right now, the team is learning and cleaning their routines including show routine, hip hop, dance routine, and military. Many team members are used to the competitive spirit leading up to the competition, but for the newbies it’s a new air space.

Although most of the girls on the team are returners, the new girls have been able to catch on and continue to work as hard as those who already know the rundown.

“The new girls are doing very well and catching on!” says Head Captain, Ella Gatherum.

All the captains as well as the coaches are impressed with the team’s work ethic this year.

“They are all really hard working, especially with the dance routine that is super exhausting; all the girls push through to the end!” Coach Kiera Mortenson says of the girls during practices.

All the girls love their coaches! They speak highly of the people they work so hard for.

“I’m so grateful for my coaches! I couldn’t have asked for better!” Ella exclaims.

The coaches help the team dynamic, and it seems to be amazing as well. It’s a fun and safe environment to learn and make mistakes. Everyone has a kind spirit, and the team feels like a sisterhood and a family! Being on such a team, it doesn’t surprise me that each dancer has tons of Davis Pride! They love cheering at the games and performing at halftime. Their football routines were so much fun to watch!

The D’ettes competition season starts in December, and as they begin to intensify their practices and become more competitive, their season is going to end up being exhilarating! The team is ready and prepared to work harder and harder to get to the top!