Vegetarian for Life or just a Phase?


Taeja Villagrana

Sonali Harangaonker, Davis High student has been vegetarian almost her whole life because of Indian culture!

“My culture is my most prized possession because of its uniqueness from other cultures. There are so many traditions, fun and colorful clothing and a variety of foods.”

Being a vegetarian isn’t the normal lifestyle people in Utah tend to have but Sonali is all about breaking down stereotypical barriers.

“Everyone’s first initial thought about vegetarianism is always negative and poorly looked upon but it’s not as bad as everyone makes it out to be because there are several options. Believe it or not people can survive without eating meat”

During a typical day of eating like Sonali, in the morning she tends to lean towards a banana and strawberry smoothie. For lunch, she usually makes a lettuce wrap with tofu as a substitute. Then for dinner; curry.

“Being a vegetarian makes you more aware of what you’re consuming so I don’t go out to fast food places often because of the health benefits. I recommend being a vegetarian to anyone that isn’t and is thinking about it.”

Restaurants and fast-food places have come out with more vegetarian options because of youtubers, celebrities and other well-known people who have converted to being a vegetarian. This proves how much impact and influence people have on this world.

In an interview with one of Sonali’s peers, Cadie, she said, “She thinks it’s beautiful that Sonali is a vegetarian and because it’s her body, she can do whatever she wants, and no one can say anything.”

Sonali is truly an inspiration to others that have a hard time embracing their culture and different lifestyle than everyone else. Her expressing how proud she is of her culture, is truly beautiful and is making a difference.