Trey Talbot Darts up the Middle


Caden Swapp

Trey Talbot is a senior this year, and he always gives his all to defend the tradition. He is a two-sport athlete and an exceptional student of Davis High.

Trey is known as a great athlete and a strong competitor in both football and baseball. He’s already had a fantastic senior year in football, which will surely continue. He will be the catcher for the baseball team when the season rolls around. He loves to compete and works hard in everything he does.

Trey made it very clear that he does not have a favorite sport between football and baseball.

“I like whatever season it is better.”

Trey has had multiple game-winning touchdowns and crucial plays in his football games this year. He said that his favorite games he’s played in this year have been the Syracuse and Fremont games, both of which he had a big part of winning.

“I love the intensity of the close games, and especially love a good comeback.”

Many people know the athlete side of Trey, but don’t know what he’s like outside of sports. Although he stays very busy with sports through the school year, Trey always makes time to have some fun with his friends.

Trey explained that his typical day after practice usually consists mostly of homework. When he finishes his homework, he likes to watch friends. He usually watches this for a couple hours before going to bed. He also said that he often finds himself “scrolling through twitter” late at night before bed.

Trey made it clear that his hardest class is AP calculus. It’s his most challenging class and is where he gets most of his homework from. “Calculus sucks, but I’m doing very well.”

According to some of Trey’s friends, he is a good teammate, student, and friend. “Trey is a really good teammate. He just brings the juice all the time.” “I love hanging out with him and he’s a lot of fun.”

Trey does a great job of balancing his school, social, and sports life. He will be ready for anything after high school and will continue to have a great senior year.