A Blessing in Disguise


Sylia Arnell

As a resource officer for Davis High School, Officer Mike Criddle has many roles that he executes amazingly. He is a family man at heart, but he loves his job! Being at Davis he has learned incredible social skills and learning from the students one of things he enjoys. 

Even though we have such an amazing school officer, he came to us under unexpected circumstances. Officer Criddle was working as a sergeant shortly after George Floyd was killed when he got the call that he was going to be investigated for some posts on Facebook that were racist and strongly offensive. Officer Criddle was then put on leave for 2 weeks while the investigation proceeded.  

After concluding the investigation, officers had found that someone made a Facebook account in his wife’s name and then proceeded to post racist things on that account. None of the things posted were posts from either Officer Criddle or his wife. He then resigned from his sergeant position and found a position at the high school. This should be a lesson that the actions of others can affect good people. 

Although what happened was distasteful and took Officer Criddle into a path he didn’t think he would go; he wouldn’t change it! Some of his roles include being a social counselor and educator under the law, guest speaker, and most importantly to ensure the safety and support for the staff and students of Davis High. He loves interacting with the students and continuing to have good relationships into the future. 

“I love the atmosphere at Davis. The staff and students are always upbeat!” says Officer Criddle. 

Along with working at Davis, he has worked in many other areas as a member of the Kaysville Police Department. Come December 1 he will have worked with the department for 13 years! He has worked in the K-9 unit, undercover narcotics, patrol, served as a sergeant, and worked as a detective for a year.  

“I’ve learned a lot from being at Davis High. I’ve learned to be more compassionate and have more empathy, as well as being more sociable.” 

Outside of Davis High school, he enjoys, spending time with his family! He has 4 kids and enjoys camping and playing sports with them! He loves basketball and football! He loves watching sports as well!  

“I love sports! If basketball or football aren’t on the tv, I’ll watch baseball or soccer!” 

The students at Davis High are so grateful for such an amazing school officer who we know would protect us in any situation!