Sledding is Taken to the Extreme

by Brady Webb
Sledding is a pretty everyday activity for people all over Utah, but one group of students at Davis High is taking it one step farther with extreme sledding. “My friends and I usually go up onto the mountains on the East Edge of Farmington. We hike up there and find big hills with undisturbed snow to sled down”. said senior, Jake McMaster. They don’t usually use the normal sled, but use boogie boards instead. “I find that boogie boards are sturdier than a sled, so I usually use that” McMaster said. They not only sled down, but they film as well. ‘I use my contour helmet-cam to film a lot of the sledding we do up there”. But they don’t stop there, they take it to the next level by using shovels to build up jumps. “I would just encourage everyone to take some sleds and friends up into the mountains and give extreme sledding a try. It’s a huge rush, there’s a ton of different things you can do, and it’s just really beautiful up there.” said McMaster.